About us

Our idea

A constant drive to improve has inspired us to develop substances that protect original colours on a variety of surfaces.

The desire to offer a unique and very specific product in the form of a liquid film for the protection of a variety of surfaces has led us to the unique and patented LIWREA formula.

In the process of developing our product we examined every detail to perfection, all with the aim of achieving the result now offered by LIWREA. Our guiding idea was to reduce harmful impacts on the environment, developing our interest for colours in water-based nanotechnology without the use of synthetic thinners.

Today’s market


Today’s market currently offers:

  • Liquid films for the protection of a variety of surfaces based on nitro thinners.
  • Vinyl films for car wrapping
  • Polyurethane anti-scratch surface protection films
  • Polyester anti-scratch surface protection films

Our competitors

The various products on the market

  • Are exceedingly harmful to the environment;
  • Are detrimental to human health;
  • Are difficult to recycle and dispose of and are classified as hazardous substances;
  • Are difficult to transport, very flammable and classified as substances detrimental to human health

Our product

LIWREA is an acrylic-urethane aqueous emulsion that creates an elastic film, exceedingly weather resistant, and also very easy to remove when necessary.

LIWREA is a product developed entirely without hazardous materials, water-based, intended primarily for the protection of glass, plastic, metal and ceramic surfaces.